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Funny Stop Comedian Funny Stop Comedian

June 22-24
Kate Brindle & Brent Terhune

Special Co-Headliner Shows

Enjoy double the laughs with our special "Co-Headliners" shows this week at the Funny Stop with Kate Brindle & Brent Terhune.

Kate Brindle

Described as "smart", "original" and "hilarious", Kate Brindle is a unique breath of fresh air on the comedy scene.

Kate has performed her sarcastic yet upbeat and spunky style of comedy on the Canadian Broadcast Channel, Cox Cable and Comcast Cable. She advanced in the California's Funniest Female Contest and was featured in the Oddball Comedy Festival and International Great Plains Comedy Festival.  She has also opened for Louie Anderson, Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Pollak and Sarah Silverman. 

Originally from Dexter, Michigan (Population: 72), Kate moved to New York City to study acting at New York University. Since then she has been entertaining audiences at venues across the nation such as Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Dr. Grins Comedy Club... and every bowling alley, basement, and dive in between.

An audience favorite, Kate brings to the stage her quick wit and impeccable timing.  Whether she is talking about her family or making quirky observations of everyday life, Kate continues to charm crowds with her witty and sassy brand of humor.  

She is currently performing her stand-up act on stages across the United States and Canada. Catch this rising star while you can, including this week at the Funny Stop!

Brent Terhune

Brent Terhune got his start in stand-up comedy in Indianapolis, Indiana at the age of 16.

Most people would describe him as a white man, but according to Brent he “got the black knocked off of him at an early age when he refused to clean up his room” and he is now doomed to walk the earth as a pale redhead or as he likes to call himself a real "OG" or Original Ginger.

Not many comics can pull off Brent's laid-back style of comedy and still remain just as absurd, relevant, and funny as he is. Whether talking about the everyday struggles of being a redhead, life as a college student and radio DJ, or his off-the-wall Uncle Frank and family, Brent is sure to keep you laughing well after he's left the stage.

Brent Terhune was a huge hit at the 2012 Cleveland Comedy Festival, where he came in 2nd place in the competition.

Since then he has been extremely busy. Aside from touring, he writes for "The Bob and Tom Show", co-hosts the pro wrestling podcast “Wrastlemania”, and recently released his first stand-up album "Mr. Turkey".

Come see Brent Terhune this week at the Funny Stop.

Funny Stop Comedian

June 29 - July 1
Mark Riccadonna

Three Nights Only

The Funny Stop is proud to introduce the area to Mark Riccadonna as he makes his second solo headlining appearance at the club this week.

Mark Riccadonna grew up an artsy jock outside of Youngstown, Ohio. At age 17 (like a bad independent movie), Mark moved to New York City in search of himself and happiness. He pursued Theatre at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, joining "The Company" after graduation.

Soon after, Mark stumbled upon Stand-Up Comedy and found success as a storyteller, performing throughout New York City, and 'on the road'.

Mark Riccadonna continues to climb the ranks in the world of stand-up. He is a gifted storyteller, with a charisma that makes you feel like you've known him forever, unique delivery, signature voice (that has landed him several commercials) and likability.

In his debut at the Funny Stop, you will see why he is a favorite at clubs and theatres everywhere.

Mark currently also performs for Armed Forces Entertainment, and has entertained U.S. and U.N. Troops worldwide, performing in six continents while working with his childhood heroes.

Take a look at Mark Riccadonna's website (with both stand-up and sketch videos) at MarkRiccadonna.com and see what is on his mind on his Twitter account found HERE, then make a reservation to see him during this limited, three night only headlining appearance at the Funny Stop.

• • • Show Schedule and Performers Subject To Change • • •

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