July 16, 2022

Tyler Ross July 22nd and 23rd

Tyler Ross returns to our stage!


Tyler Ross is a Chicago-based stand up comedian, but is originally from the city of champions, Cleveland, Ohio. His silly and playful style of comedy leads to an entertaining experience that is unique to each show.

He has worked as a feature and emcee at comedy (List Below)

Tyler is the co-founder of “Commit To The Bit Comedy“, which produces live shows throughout the US and Canada. The DIY tours have done shows at breweries, art galleries, bowling alleys, back alleys and more!

Tyler has also worked on different on camera projects including sketches, short films, feature films, commercials and industrial.

Come see him at Funny Stop Comedy Club July 22nd and 23rd!

Want to attend this show or one of our many others? Call or order tickets online today!

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