December 18, 2022

Josh Volchko Headlines 12-23 at Funny Stop Comedy Club

Come down to Funny Stop Comedy Club for a great week of Comedy! Josh Volchko headlines Friday Dec. 23rd. We also have other shows starting Sunday at 6:00PM with a Christmas comedy show with Darnell Mitchell. Tuesday December 20, we have comedian hypnotist Michael Oddo at 8:00PM. Wednesday Open Mic Show and on Thursday December 22 (both 8:00PM shows) we have Crowd Control with Bill Squire from WMMS Alan Cox radio show!

About Josh Volchko


Josh, who once described what it would look like if a male cheerleader developed a drinking problem, has been performing comedy for the better  part of a decade. He gives his persepctive on life as a married man in his late 30's and his ever-changing feelins about the world around him. Humility and self-deprecation make it clear nobody really hates Josh as much as Josh. His comedy can be best described by his glowing review on that he received during his time as a college professor: "Makes it interesting. Makes a lot of jokes, some are funny, some aren't. At least he tries."

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